Metal Framing

Interior and Exterior

Interior Installation

Interior metal framing installation involves the use of metal framing components to construct the framework for interior walls, ceilings, and floors in a building. This type of framing is commonly utilized in commercial and industrial construction, and it can also be found in residential projects.

Our skilled framers specialize in assembling interior wall systems and excel in preparing metal studs to secure wall frames and drywall for all framed sections. Interior metal framing provides a robust and long-lasting framework for the building’s interior, offering design flexibility and meeting stringent building codes and regulations.

Exterior Installation

Metal studs offer superior strength and environmental friendliness compared to wood. They provide the necessary support for load-bearing walls while contributing to the overall design of commercial buildings. Metal studs are versatile and can be used for ceilings, soffits, interior walls, and exterior walls.

At Gerbetz Drywall Construction, we specialize in the installation of cold-formed light gauge metal stud framing. Our expertise covers both interior and exterior metal framing, as well as load-bearing metal framing for various commercial applications. Exterior Sheathing is also included in our scope of work and services.

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